Sunday, February 12, 2012

Civil War reconstruction political cartoon

Dividing the National Map

This political cartoon during the civil war reconstruction era referred to the presidential election of 1860. In the background there is a cloth with the United States map on it and there are four men which are the candidates for the presidential election(Abraham Lincoln, John C. Breckinridge, John Bell, and Stephen A. Douglas) dividing the map. This cartoon shows how the four candidates running in the presidential elction of 1860 were fighting to win states and this also shows who was winning certain states.


  1. This political cartoon depicts the four candidates from the election of 1860. Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln are seen fiercely fighting for the western states' votes, whereas Breckinridge has taken hold of all the southern states. This cartoon also illustrates how the United States was divided during the election.

  2. This Civil War Reconstruction political cartoon shows all four of the presidential candidates from the election of 1860. I agree that this cartoon shows how the candidates were running against each other and fighting to win certain states. Great picture and interpretation!

  3. This illustration simply depicts how the United States was divided and how each candidate took over a certain part of the country,votes.